Friday, July 21, 2017

Celebrations... Branch Conference... La Jolla

Celebrating another birthday...Hermana Lopez who is from Guatemala. We love our missionaries.

23 of our faithful, dedicated members from our group in Condega got up early Sunday morning to take a bus to attend our branch conference in Rosario.  We had 85 in attendance which is a record for us. We are progressing poco a poco.  
Hermana Virginia is cooking up some "chicheron" which is fried pork fat, similar to pork rinds, for her granddaughters quinceaƱera.
We took the sisters to visit La Jollla. Where's the beach?  A beautiful sunset in Condega. We are truly blessed to be working with missionaries and people we love dearly in an absolutely beautiful part of Nicaragua. Notice the branches growing out of the fence posts.

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