Saturday, July 15, 2017

EMAIL... Week 54

Hola All!

Last Sunday was awesome! We had 85 at our Branch Conference, including 23 from Condega. The branch chartered a minibus to transport them. The District Primary President spoke, Elder K spoke, the 4 missionaries sang "Our Savior's Love" in Spanish and a cappella. It's Elder K's favorite hymn, and probably President Gates' as well. President Tercero, the 2nd counselor in the District Presidency, was the concluding speaker. His talk dovetailed with Elder K's, as he stressed the importance of reading and studying the Book of Mormon every day to help us grow, progress, and stay strong in the gospel. Elder K had included doing the small and simple things in his talk about four things we can and should do to be happy in this life...the others were service, obedience, Temple covenants and attendance. Great spirit and great meeting! It was wonderful to have our members and investigators from Condega with us! President Rivera, the District President, taught our Sunday School class and it was great! Having attended multiple Ward Conferences representing different organizations through the years, it was interesting to see the differences, but awesome to see the strength of the spirit no matter where you are and how things are done.
We were able to pick up our 104 year old and his wife and bring them to the conference. He only has the energy and strength to attend church about once a year. Precious people!
We had our first Sunday dinner and birthday celebration for Elder Hughes after the conference. He has so much positive energy that it spills out and affects everyone around him. (Last night we took him and his comp, Elder Mower, to Rosti Pollo for part 2 in celebrating. He worked his magic with our waitress, as he sincerely complimented and thanked her for her service. She brought out cheesecake with a candle for him!) They are awesome missionaries and so fun to work with. We left the decorations up that his mom sent to him for Monday's lunch and birthday celebration with our 4 Estelí Hermanas and the 2 from Sébaco, as it was Hermana Lopez' birthday and she and her comp were here in Estelí to celebrate on their P-day. 6 fun, chatty, adorable girls enjoying time together and celebrating! Love them all!
We had some great visits and Family Home Evenings this week. We love teaching the people in their homes and seeing them feel the spirit and recognize what it is and what it means. We are trying to elevate their understanding of the commandments and of their covenants with Heavenly Father and our Savior. Remembering that the Lord always keeps His part of the covenant, makes it easier to have the faith we need to be obedient.  We love meeting and working with the new investigators and seeing them progress and grasp the truths of the gospel, and the differences in the quality of their lives as they make changes for the better.
We had a wonderful Multi-Zone Conference on Thursday. President Poncio told us something with a little different twist. He told us how important it is to learn obedience in our lives. Obedience is not just for children or missionaries, but it's for ALL of us FOREVER! Learning it young will be a blessing throughout our lives. It's a way to show our love and respect for Heavenly Father, and to prove our commitment to Him, our Savior, and the Gospel. Also, that They can trust us and count on us to do harder and more critical things. Obedience prepares us for future responsibilities. So young and so wise! We love him and his sweet wife, and we love the energy of our young missionaries. It is truly a privilege for us to serve with them all!
Thank you for your examples, love, service, and prayers! We love you all!

Elder and Hermana Koelliker

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