Saturday, July 29, 2017

EMAIL... Week 56

Hola All!
Another week in Nicaragua! When we started church last Sunday, only the youth speaker was there, so of course Elder K was reviewing the talk he had prepared just in case, and looking at a couple of short messages. Right before the Sacrament, another one of the speakers showed up, so then he knew he would only have to give one message. Right before the second speaker finished, and he spoke for a LONG time, the third speaker came and was ready to speak after the rest song. All three did great, and even went over time, but he just never knows for sure how everything will turn out. Every Sunday is a challenge of faith! I have even prepared a couple of short talks in case he needs me, and that is saying a LOT!
On Tuesday afternoon we drove up to Condega to do visits with the Elders there. When it was time for us to drop them off and for us to come home, the car wouldn't start. Luckily we were right by a member's house and Rosa has a truck. They tried for over an hour to jump it, but it wasn't working. Finally I was able to start it, and Elder K jumped in to turn it around so we could leave. It backed up ok, but when he went to go forward, it wouldn't accelerate, and died. By now some of the neighbors were coming to see if they could help, as the car was stuck in the way of the neighborhood traffic. And yes, these were dirt roads. After another hour of trying to jump it, one of the men took the battery out of his vehicle and put it in ours, so they could start the car and get it into neutral so we could push it out of the way, as it still wouldn't accelerate. We had to leave the car there and Rosa picked up her friend and he drove us home with her in her truck. Tender mercy that it died where it did, rather than on the winding mountain roads in the rain going home. Our prayers and your prayers for protection were answered! We had our first taxi rides here, and oh boy, Disneyland, if you need another thriller, come and hire these taxi drivers! We have a rental mini-car now and are hoping to get ours back soon fixed, but no sure promises.
Our testimony of prayer has been strengthened so much this week! We also have a strong testimony of the power of family fasts, family prayers, and Priesthood blessings. We are truly humbled and grateful for our family miracle this week! Elder K and I are especially grateful to my siblings, their spouses, and all of the members of our families for calling down the blessings of heaven for Grandpa! It's hard not to be right there to help, but our family took care of everything that needed to be done. Oh how we love you all for your goodness and service! I'm so grateful to be part of a forever family, and that Heavenly Father and our Savior have made it possible for us all!
Thank you for you love, examples, and prayers! As you can see, we need them and we feel them! We love you!


Elder and Hermana Koelliker

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